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Furniture storage service

AMDT Déménagement dispose d'un service de sécurité pour un stockage de vos biens en toute tranquillité

Storage facilities : Opting for tranquility

Are you considering storing your belongings during your move without going through multiple intermediaries? Several reasons might lead you to choose a storage facility, whether it's for a short, medium, or long term: waiting for availability of your new accommodation, pre-moving renovations, insufficient space, or staying in temporary housing.

With its proven expertise, AMDT Déménagement offers you a premium storage service to protect all your belongings. We have three spacious warehouses, covering a total area of 5,519m², providing an impressive storage capacity of 18,200m³ for your personal effects and furniture.


Secure your belongings

We prioritize the safety and protection of your belongings. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies: continuous video surveillance, linear smoke detectors, alarms connected to a private surveillance company, and advanced fire detection systems. Additionally, we regularly conduct pest control treatments to ensure the optimal preservation of your belongings.

NF Service certification: A quality assurance

Our warehouses are NF Service certified, confirming our commitment to quality, compliance with strict standards, and excellence in welcoming, storing your belongings, and customer satisfaction.

AMDT Déménagement vous garantit la sécurité des biens de votre entreprise dans son garde-meubles
AMDT Déménagement stocke vos biens dans des emballages et des conditionnements adaptés à vos affaires pour garantir leur sécurité

Tailored protection for your belongings

Gone are the days of subjecting your valuable items to generic packaging ; today, our packaging solutions are specifically designed to cater to the nature of each object. AMDT Removals offers you a diverse selection of specialized packaging, tailored to the uniqueness of your personal effects, whether it's delicate dishes or clothing requiring special care.

This methodology allows us to optimize space in our storage containers, facilitate the transfer of your belongings while ensuring optimal protection.

Here are some of our packaging solutions :

  • Furniture wrapped in protective blankets,
  • Bed bases and mattresses preserved under plastic covers,
  • Clothing carefully hung on hangers inside sturdy cardboard wardrobes,
  • Glassware and dishes secured in compartmentalized boxes designed for this purpose.

Packaging professionals from start to finish

The security of your belongings is our top priority, from their initial handling to their return. Packaging is meticulously done at your home, and your furniture is directly placed in ventilated wooden containers, with a capacity of 8 or 12 m³, specifically designed for optimal furniture preservation. Once loading is complete, each container is sealed in front of you.

For impeccable traceability, they are also labeled with key information: your name, date of entry, details of the team in charge, as well as the container number and capacity.

Curious to learn more about our storage services ? Our advisors are at your disposal to answer all your questions promptly !

AMDT Déménagement vous propose un service de garde-meubles sécurisé de l'emballage à la restitution de vos biens

For all your moving needs

We offer our services to individuals, businesses, and military professionals alike. Whether you are an individual in search of a new beginning, a company moving offices, or a military member posted abroad, we possess the necessary expertise to accommodate your specific needs.


Allow us to support you in making a smooth transition into your new life.

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Manage your corporate relocation with ease through AMDT.

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Move seamlessly with AMDT wherever your assignment takes you.

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Full-range services to meet every requirement

No matter the specifics of your relocation requirements, we stand ready to support you. We provide an extensive selection of services, from secure storage options to safeguard your possessions, to comprehensive overseas moving solutions, and domestic relocation services for those transitioning within the country.

AMDT Déménagement vous accompagne tout au long de votre déménagement sur le territoire national ou à l'international

National removal

We provide premium services and tailored solutions to fit your needs and budget, whether you're moving locally or nationally. Don't hesitate to contact us to jointly create your custom quote.

Découvrez les services proposés par AMDT Déménagement pour votre déménagement à l'international

International removal

Our team will handle all logistical aspects of your move, from loading to delivery, including international relocations, ensuring your belongings safely reach your new address, anywhere in the world.

Découvrez les services proposés par AMDT Déménagement pour votre déménagement en Outremer

Overseas removal

With our expertise in customs formalities and logistical planning, we ensure a smooth journey for your belongings. Our careful coordination promises a hassle-free international relocation.

AMDT Déménagement dispose d'un garde-meubles pour vous garantir le stockage de vos biens en toute sécurité.

Furniture storage service

Need a secure space to store your belongings during a transition period ? Whether for a short or long term, our modern and secure storage facilities are designed to keep your items safe.


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