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Health, Administrative: Tips to Remember Everything

Looking to make your move easier and prepare for your relocation abroad? We offer a (non-exhaustive) list of precautions to take when preparing for your international relocation.

Medical check-up for the whole family:

  • Make sure your entire family is up to date on their vaccinations. Inquire about the diseases and new vaccines to be administered before arriving in your new country.
  • If you or a family member are undergoing medical treatment, remember to bring your prescriptions or have them translated. Depending on your destination country, inquire about the type of medications available there. Also, take the opportunity to get a medical check-up before your departure.
  • For children, plan ahead for enrollment in their future school. There are numerous French schools around the world, which can facilitate enrollment.
  • If your pet is joining the journey, there are rules to follow as well. Inquire well in advance about any quarantine requirements, mandatory vaccinations for entry into the new territory, and ensure you have an IATA-compliant airline transport cage.

Don't forget any documents: 

  • Book your transportation tickets (train, plane, etc.) in advance to save money.
  • Remember to take with you all your important documents such as passport, health records, family booklet, tax documents, visas... A good tip: keep a scanned copy of each of these documents on your computer. This will be particularly useful in case of loss or theft.
  • Check the validity of passports for each family member and make sure to obtain the necessary visas. In European Union countries, a valid national identity card or passport is sufficient. For other nations, a passport is required and depending on the country, a visa may be necessary. Minors must have their own passport.
  • Request your international driving permit from the Prefecture of your department.

Think about your home and everything that comes with it :

  • Cancel or suspend your contracts and subscriptions (phone, TV, internet, gas, electricity...).

When it comes to mobile phones, not all devices work outside of France. If you wish to keep yours, remember to check its compatibility with your operator. If you plan to keep your current phone and subscription, you can choose (depending on your operator) the "international communication" option. However, this may not be the most financially advantageous option, and it is advisable to activate it at least 48 hours before your departure to ensure smooth communication upon arrival in your destination country.

  • If you are a tenant, inform your landlord of your departure, and remember to take meter readings for electricity, gas, and water.
  • Thanks to the services offered by La Poste, don't forget to have your mail forwarded for at least 6 months while your arrangements at your destination are completed and effective.

Also, remember

  • For children, plan ahead for enrollment in their future school. There are numerous French schools around the world, which can facilitate enrollment.
  • When temporarily relocating abroad, it's advisable to keep your bank account in France and open an account in your future country of residence.
  • Regarding taxes, a change in tax residency is not automatic. Consult your local tax office before your international move.
  • Regarding social security, you are classified as an "expatriate" when you fall under the social security system of the country where you are settling, or as a "posted worker" if you continue to benefit from the French social security system through your employer. Before your departure, remember to inquire with your employer and/or your social security organization.

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